Thursday, May 24, 2007

From the Word Wizard

These are interesting words I found from The Diary of Anne Frank pages 140-206

*intrude- come in or join in without being wanted.

*ponders- think deeply and seriously.

*despondent- sad or gloomy.

*superficial- on the surface.

*exterior- the outside of something.

*flirt- behave lovingly towards somebody to amuse yourself.

*facade- the front of a building.

*fragrant- having a pleasant smell.

*tedious- annoyingly slow or long.

*priority- being earlier or more important than something else.

*affectionate- loving.

*peculiar- strange or unusual.

written by Andrew
Literature Circle round 3 pp140-206


Mrs. Harper's Third Grade said...


I agree these are very interesting words. In our class we like to pick interesting words in our reading, too. If you go to our blog, click on Kennedy's articles. She has a style much like yours.

This blog is very nice looking. We are still using our blogmeister site. We'd love to hear from you and your classmates.

Lenva Shearing said...

Mrs Harper,
Thank you for your post Mrs Haper!I'm sure that Kennedy's article is very good. I'll look at it now!

from Andrew