Thursday, May 17, 2007

From the Correspondent

Dear Mr Dussel,

We let you come live in our annexe. I don’t think you should be so rude to me. Even though you are older than me, you are much too inconsiderate to me.
When I asked to use your table very politely, I do not think you should have refused so quickly. I did not ask to use your table all the time just a little while every day.
Even when you started to become very angry and shouted at me I did not argue back and I just stood politely. Even after that, father had to come talk to you to persuade you to let me use your table. It was a very reasonable request.
I think I should be able to speak my mind in the future even if you think I am too rude!

Yours sincerely,
Anne Frank

written by Leon
Literature Circles round 2 pp71-140


leon said...

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Mr. Kuropatwa said...

What well written letter Leon! I can hear Anne's voice as I read it. After learning about her and reading her diary I'm sure your letter is exactly how she would have felt, and if she were able, exactly what she would have said.

The thing is though, she was really caught between a rock and a hard place. I wonder if kids, but particularly girls, were "allowed" to speak to adults that way; even though it was very polite. What do you think? DO you think anything would have happened to Anne if she did that?

Even if kids were "allowed" to speak to adults in such an open and honest way I wonder if Anne would have said this out loud. DO you think the would have been any consequences for Anne and her family if she did? Do you think Anne thought of those consequences?

Darren Kuropatwa
Winnipeg, Canada

Amy McKenzie said...

Dear Leon,
I am a seventh grader from Huntsville, Alabama and we spent a large portion of the year reading Anne Frank's Diary and discussing it.
I think that your letter was very well written. The only thing is that I don't believe Anne would have confronted Mr. Dussel. She was trying to get along better with everyone else in the Annexe, and the last thing she would want is to have everyone mad at her.
P.S. (:-D)
P.S.S. :o

Lenva Shearing said...

Posted on behalf of Leon

Hi Amy,
I am a 11 year old in New Zealand. I go to Bucklands Beach Intermediate School. Thanks for your comment.
I think Anne would have confronted Mr Dussel but she might have been scolded afterwards. In the diary, Mr Dussel seems very unreasonble to Anne.
Have you got a blog in blogspot as well? If you do please tell me what it is and where it is.