Sunday, May 13, 2007

From the Creative Connector

Anne feeling very depressed and deserted would be kind of what it would be like in the concentration camps how the prisoners are feeling. They have absolutely no freedom outside in the open.

Anne and her family are known nothing that is going in the war. She is feeling that she is very cut off from the outside world. This means the Germans are trying not to let information leak out.

by Alexander
Literature Circles round 2 - pp71-140


Amy McKenzie said...

Hi. I am a seventh grader from Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A. I also read this book in ebglish class! You are very correct about how cut off she was from the outside world. I remember her thinking about what life would be like in the concentration camp as you mentioned. I also remember her feeling guilty that she was in a safe place somewhat away from the Germans while others were suffering in concentration camps. At times she did get depressed and start to feel hopeless but she came through in teh end. I think your blog is a great idea to share what you have learned. Keep it up and I hope you like the book!

Lenva Shearing said...

Posted on behalf of Alexander

Hello Amy,
Thanks for the comments.
My name is Alexander from Auckland, NZ. I'm a 11 year old and I go to Bucklands Beach Intermediate (BBI). I think The Diary of Anne Frank is a pretty good book.
Have you seen picture of the original diary. It is filled with stuck in pictures.
Do you have blog too ??? It will be great if I can be able to see what you wrote.
In America what kind of computers do most people use? At BBI we use Apple computers.
What is your teacher called? Is he/she interested in our blog too?
Our teacher is called Mrs Mitchell. She is great. (She gives us lollies!) LOL ;)
The teacher that posts our comments and helps us with our literature circles is Mrs Shearing, she also helps us to make contact with you. What kind of weather do you have in America?