Thursday, May 24, 2007

From the Creative Connector

As I’ve been reading Anne Frank’s diary, I’ve noticed how she must be feeling as she lives in the Secret Annexe.
She has to be very quiet during the day, and I bet she wishes she could just spend at least one day of freedom. This is how people in third world countries would feel. Some of them would be in hiding too, isolated, and not knowing what is going on in the war. Luckily for Anne, Mr Kugler, Jan, Miep and Bep come to visit the Secret Annexe often to tell news of the war. However, Anne would still be feeling very cut-off from the rest of the world.

Some similarities between Anne and I are that we both have older siblings, we both like to read, and we both keep a diary. Anne writes in hers more, but she has less things to do. Neither of us like the sound of gunshots, and it would drive me up the wall (Anne as well) if I had to be quiet all day like Anne does!

written by Nicola
Literature Circles round 3 pp141-206


Dr. Gail said...

When I read, I like to look for similarities between myself and the characters, just as you have done. I agree--it would be very difficult (if not impossible!) for me to stay quiet all day long.

Anne said...

You have made some very interesting connections. I think this is a most important skill and helps students see meaning in what they are reading. Can you think of any connections that could be made to events or things that are going on in our world today? I enjoyed reading your post!