Sunday, June 24, 2007

From the Corresponder

Dear World,

Hello, my name is Anne Frank and I live in Holland. But I have been transported to Auschwitz and I don’t think I’ll survive.

The full account of my stay in the secret Annexe can be found in my diary. I hid it in the Annexe and I hope that someone will read it and publish it to the world. I want it to be read because then people will know what it’s like and never start a war again.

I want to thank all my helpers in the secret Annexe for hiding myself and my family, the Van Daans and Mr Dussel. They have risked so much for us, yet they still got caught because of us. Oh God, please let them live. They are good people and they have done no wrong.

If I survive, I will travel around the world and tell everyone how terrible the ‘holocaust’, as some people called it in our prison camp, because I know that after WWII I can’t live a normal life anymore.

Yours truly,
Anne Frank

written by Andrew
Literature Circle round 5 pp267-end

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From the Summariser

In this section of the book, many things happen.
Anne has realized she does not really want to have an intimate relationship with Peter. But, she does not want to drop Peter completely, because she wants a friend and doesn’t want to hurt Peter.
The food in the annexe is running out. This has caused much distress in the annexe and people are arguing.
There is some good news though. The end of the war is coming into sight. But, even more bad news was right around the corner.
Anne and her family get discovered and Nazis take them away. Someone had tipped them off. She and her family become separated and sent to concentration camps Just before the war ends. Unfortunately, Anne dies. Otto Frank is the only survivor in her direct family to survive. When he gets released He begins spreading the message his daughter shared in her diary.
Now people still remember Anne and spread her message.

written by Leon
Literature Circles round 5 pp269-340

From the Character Tracer

Character of Margot:
She is -
Understanding -- She keeps her word with Anne and doesn’t tease her about her love with Peter.
Trustworthy -- She keeps the secret Anne told her and doesn’t tell anyone.
Intelligent – She studies very hard and takes a lot of subjects at school.
Happy – She hardly ever got angry and tries to keep happy.
Caring – She understands the pressure that everyone is under.
Innocent – Margot always tries to stay out of all the arguments that go on in the annexe.

written by Peter
Literature Circle round 4 - pp207-268

From the Travel Tracer

Diary of Anne Frank 13

compiled in Comic Life by Andrew
Literature Circle round 5 - pp268-end

From the Character Tracer

Mrs van Daan was selfish, bossy, dishonest, stubborn, bold, daring, rude, mean, lazy, disagreeable, demanding, witty, determined

Mrs van Daan was stubborn on page 272 when she was moody and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Mrs van Daan was bold when she was disagreeing with Mr van Daan and Mr van Daan always gets his way! p297

written by Ellen
Literature Circle round 5 pp269-end

From the Summariser

Anne has nightmares of her old friend Hanneli and keeps seeing how she is suffering in the concentration camp.
Anne also starts thinking of Peter van Daan. She spends a lot of time with him. She keeps going into his room and talking to him. She tries to bump into him and see him as much as possible and spends almost an hour talking to him when she gets the chance. She also starts remembering her old friend, Peter Schiff. When she thinks of the two Peters she starts feeling confused and sad.
Margot has been starting to appreciate Anne more and treats her more like an adult and not a little girl like she used to.
Anne starts wanting to get back with the outside world. She longs to be free and be alone. She really needs something, but she doesn’t exactly know what she needs.

written by Peter
Literature Circle round 3 - pp141-206

From the Corresponder

Dear Dussel,
I know what it feels like to be trapped into a place for
years not able to go out. It is very hard to control your
behaviour. Sometimes your actions make us feel annoyed
and when we complain you shout at us and blame us for
everything that goes wrong.

Your unkind words and some-times your jokes deeply offend us.

Could you please think more about your behaviour and words and it will allow us
not to have so a arguments in the annexe?

Yours Sincerely

written by Peter
Literature Circle round 4 - pp207-268

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

From the Creative Connector

Diary of Anne Frank 11

written by Andrew
Literature Circles round 3 - pp141-206

Friday, June 1, 2007