Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From the Summariser

In this section of the book, many things happen.
Anne has realized she does not really want to have an intimate relationship with Peter. But, she does not want to drop Peter completely, because she wants a friend and doesn’t want to hurt Peter.
The food in the annexe is running out. This has caused much distress in the annexe and people are arguing.
There is some good news though. The end of the war is coming into sight. But, even more bad news was right around the corner.
Anne and her family get discovered and Nazis take them away. Someone had tipped them off. She and her family become separated and sent to concentration camps Just before the war ends. Unfortunately, Anne dies. Otto Frank is the only survivor in her direct family to survive. When he gets released He begins spreading the message his daughter shared in her diary.
Now people still remember Anne and spread her message.

written by Leon
Literature Circles round 5 pp269-340

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