Sunday, June 24, 2007

From the Corresponder

Dear World,

Hello, my name is Anne Frank and I live in Holland. But I have been transported to Auschwitz and I don’t think I’ll survive.

The full account of my stay in the secret Annexe can be found in my diary. I hid it in the Annexe and I hope that someone will read it and publish it to the world. I want it to be read because then people will know what it’s like and never start a war again.

I want to thank all my helpers in the secret Annexe for hiding myself and my family, the Van Daans and Mr Dussel. They have risked so much for us, yet they still got caught because of us. Oh God, please let them live. They are good people and they have done no wrong.

If I survive, I will travel around the world and tell everyone how terrible the ‘holocaust’, as some people called it in our prison camp, because I know that after WWII I can’t live a normal life anymore.

Yours truly,
Anne Frank

written by Andrew
Literature Circle round 5 pp267-end

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