Sunday, May 13, 2007

From the Discussion Director

Interesting Questions from The Diary of Anne Frank pp1-70.
Our discussion will centre around your opinion and answers to these questions.

*Why does Mrs van Daan dislikes Anne?

*Why does Anne not love her mother?

*Why does Anne like to study so much?

*Why does Anne keep writing in her diary?

*Why does Anne’s family not ran away?

*Why does Mrs van Daan argues so much with Mr van Daan?

*Why does everyone argues so much with everyone

*Do they pay the people who hides them, and if so, where do they get their money?

written by Andrew
Literature Circles round 1 pp1-70

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Amy McKenzie said...

I'm an English teacher at Challenger Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama USA. My classes read The Diary of Anne Frank this year too. I like your questions. I'm sure you can get some great discussion going. I think Anne doesn't like her mother because she is just a typical teen age girl. As you continue reading, you will find that Anne matures and learns to understand her mother more. Happy reading!
Mrs. McKenzie