Thursday, May 10, 2007

From the Word Wizard

Here are some interesting words and their meanings that I found when I was reading Anne Frank's Diary.
Melancholy, (p 70) means sadness and depression.
Hordes, (p 80) means a large group or crowd.
Derision, (p 81) is to scorn or ridicule.
Passive - isn't this a wonderful word! - not resisting or fighting against something.
Fatalistic. (p 84) A fatalist is a person who accepts whatever happens and thinks that it could not have been prevented
tumultuous (p 113) means noisy.

written by Nicola
Literature Circles Round 2 - pp71-144


horsecrazy said...

great writing loved to read it

Kellie said...

Wonderful selection of words. You pulled words from your reading selection that will create great addtions to your writing and speaking vocabulary.