Tuesday, May 29, 2007

From the Corresponder

Dear whoever finds this,

My name is Anne Frank and I am nearly 16. My family was hiding in an old Amsterdam warehouse during the second world war because we are Jewish. Now that I have been arrested, all I can do is pray for other Jews that they will not reach this fate which has fallen upon me.

An epidemic of typhus has spread throughout this concentration camp, but I am no longer scared for myself, but for Margot, my sister, who fell ill this morning. I hope, hope, HOPE she hasn't caught typhus.

My heart breaks when I think of what might have happened to dear Peter.
Tears fill my eyes when I think of Mumsie. Although I could never confide in her, there was a small spot at the bottom of my heart for her. To think that I never made up with her!
Even Mr Dussel and the van Daans - what became of them?
What will become of me and Margot?

Maybe some day, with the help of you, this letter can be published for all to see.
Oh Pim! If you are still alive, please publish my diary, for I don't think I will ever escape and be proud to be Jewish again.

No. I will never be free again.

Yours, Anne M Frank.

written by Nicola
Literature Circles round 5 pp269-end

1 comment:

Gail said...

Excellent writing Nicola.
I can feel her anguish and her deep level of concern and desperation.
It is amazing how in times like these you often think about things that you should have done and said. I think that is is a lesson for all of us. What do you think?